Maltese Diacritics


( EnglishMalti )

This is a simple tool for automatically adding diacritics to letters from the Maltese alphabet.
Maltese diacritics comprise:

This tool operates over a wordlist built from the following sources:

This tool is still in experimental status, and its precision depends on the completeness and correctness of the underlying wordlist. Since words are processed individually, ambiguities such as “hu” (he) vs “ħu” (brother), or “tigri” (tigers) vs “tiġri” (run), cannot be resolved, and are left unchanged.


If you find any missing words, you can add them through the text box below. Please ensure that any submitted words are spelt correctly, including their diacritics. You can submit multiple words simultaneously, separating them with spaces or newlines. All submissions are added to the internal wordlist immediately, but will be manually verified later.


You can integrate this functionality directly into your web browser, allowing you to easily diacritize Maltese texts in-place on any webpage, including words that you type within text-boxes or editable elements (such as webmail). Currently, only the desktop versions of some select browsers are supported. You can install the appropriate add-on from the links below:

Maltese Diacritics for Mozilla Firefox®

These tools operate by transmitting the contents of webpages to our web server for processing, and then applying the results back in-place onto the source webpage. Only contents that you request to have diacritized are transmitted. Although the data is transmitted securely, you should be careful that you do not inadvertently include any sensitive information.


Please forward any feedback and report any issues to

First published:2013-12-24
Last updated: 2016-02-07